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Niobium series

Tube Products of Nb&Nb Alloy

Due to its high melting point, anti-corrosion, good cold workability and other characteristics, Nb&Nb-alloy tube、rod、wire can be used for chemical and electronic industry , aviation and aerospace industry, also mainly used to make high pressure sodium la

Plate、Strip and Foil of Nb
Name Specifications Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm) Condition
Nb&Nb-alloy Plate ASTMB393 >0.2 <600 <3500 Annealed
Nb Plate for Superconduction RRR300 >0.2 <600 <1200 Annealed
Plate of Nb-Ti Alloy >0.2 <600 <1200 Annealed
Plate of Nb-521 Alloy DTXY014 >0.2 <600 <1200 Annealed
Nb Strip ASTMB393 >0.1 <240 in Coil Annealed
Nb Foil ASTMB393 >0.05 <150 in Coil Annealed
Tube Products of Nb
Name Specifications Thickness(mm) OD(mm) Max Length(mm) Condition
Ta&Ta-alloy Tubes ASTMB394 GB/T8183 0.2-10.0 1.0-65.0 ≤6000 Annealed
Ta-Zr Alloy Capillary ASTMB394 GB/T8183 0.22
2.0-4.0 ≤6000 Annealed
Rod Products of Nb  
Name Specifications Diameter(mm) Max Length(mm) Condition  
Nb&Nb-alloy Rods ASTMB392 GB/T14842 6.0-200 ≤3000 Annealed  
Wire Products of Nb  
Name Specifications Diameter(mm) kg/coil Condition  
Nb&Nb-alloy Wire ASTMB392 GB/T14842 3.0-6.0
0.5-4.0 Annealed  
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