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Saw wire

Mainly Product: Saw wire Application Fields: Silicon tablet cut、Slicon rod root、hard brittle material cut process,It is suitable for various types of multiple wire-cutting machine,such as HCT、MB、NTC and so on Production Capacity:12 thousand tons per y

Specifications Technical  Indicator
Diameter(μm) Ovality(μm) Breaking Force(N) Tensile Strength(N/mm2)
100 100±2 ≤2 ≥30 ≥3800
110 110±2 ≤2 ≥34 ≥3550
120 120±2 ≤2 ≥40 ≥500
130 130±3 ≤2 ≥45 ≥3400
140 140±3 ≤2 ≥53 ≥3400
160 160±3 ≤2 ≥67 ≥3300
250 250±3 ≤2 ≥148 ≥3000
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OTIC has been specializing in the research of metal wire materials since seventies last century, andhas developed into a world-class wire material manufacturer of production and scientific research. The general tantalum wire covers more than 20 specifications from dia0.1mm to 1.0mm, and the finest tantalum wire in the world of dia 0.06mm has been developed. The quality, capacity and sales of tantalum wire rank NO.1 in the world at present, and its market occupancy even reaches 60% height.

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