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High Purity Niobium Ingot


Niobium metal has good superconductivity and thermal conductivity. The transition temperature of metal niobium is 9 17K and has a high critical magnetic field (Hc). The good mechanical properties of metal niobium are also particularly suitable for processing into various shapes of microwave cavity. So far, metallic niobium has become the material of choice for manufacturing superconducting acceleration cavities.



Impurity content/ppm Other
Ta ≤500 H ≤2 Residual resistivity ratio of ingot, RRR ≥300
W ≤70 N ≤10 Ingot specifications (mm) Ф200~295×1500
Ti ≤50 O ≤10
Fe ≤30 C ≤10
Mo ≤50
Ni ≤30
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