Product & Application

The following series products are widely used for Capacitor.
Capacitor grade tantalum wire is mainly used in the tantalum electrolyte capacitors’ manufacturing. According to the condition and specification, the company produces more than 30 types and the smallest diameter can be Φ0.10mm.
The company produces FTW series sodium-reduction tantalum powder,FTP series tantalum powder with medium voltage and high capacitance whose particle’s shape is adjusted and FTD tantalum powder with high purity and high voltage which is made from tantalum ingot and is suited for manufacturing multi-pores sintering tantalum electrolyte capacitor. The powder is used to manufacture high performance chip type or dipping type tantalum electrolyte capacitor which has the characteristics of high capacitance and low LC.
Physical Properties: The product are powders in light grey, with high melting point and good resistance to corrosion.
Applications: The product are mainly used as additives to various alloys and raw materials to produce welding rods and refractory materials, etc.
Nb&Nb-alloy tube、rod、wire can be used for chemical and electronic industry , aviation and aerospace industry, also mainly used to make high pressure sodium lamp , structural material for airspace engine, reaction container during chemical process,heat exchanger, reactor internal components and sleeve materials.It could obviously improve the properties of oxidation resistance and intensity by adding zirconium into niobium , zirconium-niobium alloys are made into capillary tube for the use of sodium lamp manufacture.
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