Superconductors have a wide range of applications in various fields of scientific research  and production. General, can be divided into two categories: one is  the strong electric  superconductors made ​​large-scale superconducting devices, such as superconducting magnets,  motors, cables, etc., for the generation, transmission, storage and transportation and so  on. Other for weak superconductors made ​​of the small-scale devices, such as superconducting  quantum interference devices (SQVID) and made ​​of computer logic elements for precision  instrumentation, computer.
Nb is a very important rare Metal with high melting point. It’s largely applied in the metallurgy, chemistry, aerospace and aviation, nuclear, electronics, superconductor, etc due to its high melting point, flexible plasticity, low vapor pressure, stable chemical properties, etc.. Up to now, Nb becomes the first candidate for making RF cavity because it has the advantages of superconductivity.
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