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Physical Properties: The product have high melting point and boiling point, good resistance to high temperature, wear and corrosion, excellent thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion and fine hardenability and other advantages.
Applications: The product can be used as additives to alloys and stainless steel, and widely applied for airspace, weapons, electronic and chemical industry, etc.
Packing:With steel drums or wood boxes.
Chemical Composition :In accordance with GB/T3462-2007.
Physical Properties: The molecular formula is NH4HF2,a kind of colorless crystal in rhombus or flake shape. It can be dissolved in water very easily and its diluted solution is in strong acid characteristic.
Main Applications:It is a kind of analytical reagent and can be used for glass and porcelain engraving,  surface corrosion of aluminum extruded product, etc.
Packing:Inner with plastic bags and outer with weave bags, 25K/bag.
Chemical Composition:In accordance with manufacturer , s standard Q/DFT009-2008.
Physical Properties: Molecular weight — 74.5, Relative density—1.988g/cm3, Melting point — 771℃, Boiling point — 1500℃, Appearance — white cubic crystal, Slightly deliquescent in air and soluble in water (its solubility in water at room temperature is 25.37%) and insoluble in ether and acetone.
Applications:The product can be widely used to produce K-salts, such as KOH, K2SO4, etc, for petroleum, rubber, electroplating industry, etc. High-purity potassium chloride can be used as buffering agent, reagent of color spectrum analyzing, additional liquor of electrolyte, diuretic, salt substitute, potash fertilizer, fluxing agent, slurry regulator, electroplating, dyeing and sensitization materials for chemicals, pharmacy, agriculture, metallurgy, oil drilling and other industries.
Packing:Inner with plastic bags and outer with weave bags, 30 Kg/bag.
Physical Properties: Molecular weight — 58.10, Relative density — 2.48g/cm3, Melting point — 858℃,     Boiling point — 1505℃, Appearance — colorless cubic crystal, Easily deliquescent in air to form into two hydrated salts (KF·2H2O and KF·4H2O) and soluble in water to form alkaline solution able to etch glass and porcelain.
Applications:1) Glass carving, food preservative, electroplating;
(2) Metal soldering flux;
(3) Fluorating agents for organic synthesis, pesticide and pharmacy.
Packing:Inner with aluminum foil bags and outer with cartons.
Physical Properties:Molecular weight — 58.5, Relative density — 2.165g/cm3, Melting point — 801℃, Boiling point — 1413℃, Appearance — white cubic crystal or crystalline partiCles, Water solubility at room temperature — 26%.
Applications:The product can be used as raw material to produce chlorine, hydrogen, hydrochloric acid, soda ash, sodium hydroxide, chlorate, hypochlorite, bleaching powder, metal sodium in inorganic and organic chemical industry. It can also be used to produce refrigerants for refrigeration systems, raw materials of organic synthesis, desalting drugs for pharmacy, and heat treatment agent for iron and steel industry.
Packing:Inner with plastic bags and outer with weave bags.
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