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Tantalum series

Capacitor grade Tantalum Wire

Capacitor grade tantalum wire is mainly used in the tantalum electrolyte capacitors’ manufacturing According to the condition and specification, the company produces more than 30 types and the smallest diameter can be Φ0 10mm

Product properties:
1. Electrical properties
Formation condition:
Formation liquid: 0.1%H3PO4
Formation temperature: 90±2
Density of the frmation Current: 5mA/cm2
Formation voltage/time: 225V/30min
2. Specification and tolerance
Spec. diameter tolerance allowed

Specification,mm diameter tolerance allowed,mm
0.10mm~0.15mm ±0.005
>0.15mm~0.30mm ±0.006
>0.30mm ±0.007
3.Mechanical properties
Product condition Tensile strength,MPa Elongation,%
Annealled 300~600 10~30
Half annealled >600~1000 <5
Unannealled >1000 <5
4.Any specific requirements shall be discussed and confirmed by vendor and buyer.

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